Yikes! It’s strategic planning time!

Fourth quarter is known for lots of things–year end reports, spending the last of this year’s budget, setting next years budget and oh, yes, time to update or create the strategic plan.

In a recent survey you told me that you do a strategic plan when things aren’t going well. You call in the calvary when you have tried and failed or don’t feel that planning is your area of expertise.

If that is the case, if you are doing a plan we might presume it is because things aren’t going as planned either financially or operationally. While some of you are very comfortable going it on your own, the majority of you don’t think planning is in your wheel house. Lucky for you, it is in mine!

We have a lot of tools to offer you to increase your comfort, confidence and skill set with planning at just about every price level . Our goal has always been to serve you; to help your business grow; and in doing so, improve our collective community. Your success is my success.

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The next option is our self-guided strategic planning workbook that walks you through the completion of a comprehensive strategic plan. It includes all the instructions you need. However, if you purchase it before November 1, 2011 it comes with a one hour phone call with me to address questions and offer suggestions on how to maximize the outcome.  For more information click here. P.S If you are a member, you pay a members-only price!

We also have a one-day workshop titled, Master Breakthrough Growth, which shares information on what it takes to achieve significant growth and why YOUR company can make it happen! This workshop is recieving great reviews. Schedule one for your company by emailing me mreynolds@reynolds-consulting.com.

Finally, helping you craft a creative, actionable growth plan is what we do. We would enjoy helping you take your business to a whole new level! If you would like us to assist you in a more comprehensive way, just let us know.  816-350-7680

Happy Fall! Get ready for a record-breaking 2012!

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