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Helping Companies Uncover New Growth Strategies

The work we do together will be fact based, creative, and shaped by the needs and culture of the environment in which the work is done. Reynolds Consulting, LLC provides a customized framework for thinking about your business and its market based opportunities. Our first priority in every project is the quality of the outcome. We start by finding out what your business challenges are. Then we design the process that will deliver the best results for your company.

  • Has experience in launching, merging, running and spinning businesses as well as developing plans for them
  • Values creative and inspiring growth plans that are realistic and can be successfully implemented
  • Brings business discipline to the evaluation of the host of issues a growth plan must consider to be successful
  • Stimulates thinking by asking insightful questions enabling the client to view their business through a different lens
  • Helps ensure implementation by linking long range plans with near term timetables, action steps, and measures
  • Generates profitable, practical and proactive growth strategies.

About Margaret Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds, Master Growth Catalyst of Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, a division of Reynolds Consulting, LLC has assisted companies with growth planning for over 20 years.

Margaret has an extensive background in helping companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to aspiring mid market clients, find ways to innovatively and profitably grow their businesses. Her unique blend of experiences which includes line management as well as strategic planning ensures that the work she does with companies is creative but practical as she integrates the planning process with business realities, resulting in plans that are actionable and profitable.

Margaret spent the majority of her career with a Fortune 500 company with one of the most widely respected brand names in the country, Hallmark Cards, Inc. Her experiences there were wide ranging including senior executive roles in general management where she had P&L accountability for a large business unit, enterprise level strategic planning, brand development, marketing and marketing research.

Our Expertise

Meeting Needs and Exceeding Expectations

At Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, Margaret has applied her skills to a wide variety of industries from manufacturing to banking to service providers. What links clients together is their desire to grow faster than their historical pace and work as a team to determine how to achieve it.

Margaret is adept at helping clients look through the market lens to see their business potential and determine how to effectively implement identified opportunities. She has an established track record in successfully rejuvenating, extending and managing businesses. And she puts that to work for her clients.

Breakthrough Masters Unlimited resources include a network of associates with a wide variety of expertise. We bring the right skills to each project. This offers maximum flexibility in meeting client needs with just the right people for each project.

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Our Values

Guiding Values and Operating Principles

Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, a division of Reynolds Consulting, LLC believes strongly that every company benefits by having clearly defined values and operating principles. It becomes the fabric that holds the organization together and is exhibited in all behaviors. As a consulting company specializing in the future of others’ enterprises, our clients’ trust is paramount. So we choose to share our practices with you so that you better understand who we are and what we value.

Provide Customer Driven Excellence

Provide client service that reflects the genuine care felt about their business. “Personalize the project” by identifying what really matters to the client and helping them succeed.

If the client has a problem, it is of concern to us whether it is in the project scope or not. The goal is for the client to feel that Breakthrough Masters cares about their business as much as they do. Breakthrough Masters Unlimited will work to be considered an instrumental part of the client’s team. Deadlines are met and professional standards of work are high…ALWAYS.

Feedback will be solicited throughout the process to ensure value is provided and work is meaningful to the client.

Cherish Relationships

This business is built on relationships—with clients, advisors, and colleagues. They must be well tended including after projects are completed.

The Relationship Transcends the Project

The golden rules still work: Treat others the way you want to be treated—with respect. Ask what you can do for others first before asking anything of them.

Create Value

Providing value to the client, information or knowledge that will improve their business performance is the key success criteria for each project.

Pursue Organizational and Personal Learning

To grow and improve, increase knowledge and constantly learn. Embrace curiosity, experimentation and receptiveness to new ideas. Actively and aggressively seek learning opportunities.

Be Balanced

Retain flexibility to accommodate client and personal family needs.

Lead with Vision and Character

Provide high expectations and challenge the status quo, bringing a sense of the future, striving for innovative insights that are fact based, but expanding the present reality.

Help Others Think Strategically at a Level Above their Perceived Capabilities.

The solution needs to be the one the client can envision and successfully implement. Involve the client’s team in all phases of the work so they feel ownership and confidence in the solutions and the passion to implement them. Do not compromise personal values of ethics and integrity to do business. When in doubt, do the right thing.

Give Back

Involve Breakthrough Masters Unlimited in the community, focusing on where the heart is as well as contributing to the community’s well-being. Invest resources in other organizations, companies and people who will eventually give back as well.

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