Margaret Reynolds

Master Growth Catalyst

Margaret is adept at encouraging leaders to “see through a different lens” as they approach the challenge of accelerating their organization’s growth. She stretches their thinking and builds confidence in their ability to successfully execute the solutions. She will help you get the results you want.


Since founding her own company in 2001, Margaret has presented keynotes and workshops to business leaders and entrepreneurs challenged with taking their organizations to the next level, providing education, entertainment and inspiration in corporate, round table and association settings. Breakthrough Masters Unlimited has a strong track record helping organizations achieve breakthrough growth.

Thank you to Margaret Reynolds of Breakthrough Masters for presenting to FEI’s joint roundtable session on how to achieve top-line growth beyond just the incremental growth we normally think about. All attendees received a copy of Margaret’s recent book “Boost Your Growth DNA.”

David Houchen
Sr VP and CFO, First Federal Bank
Financial Executives International (F.E.I.) Roundtable

Margaret did a workshop for us and she nailed our challenges while showing us a path for growth. We were so impressed with her thinking and approach that we hired her to help us build the plan. Now a year later she is our accountability partner, speaking at quarterly retreats, keeping us on the path, and helping us live our strategy. We are very pleased with our partnership and know we have a stronger better business than we did a year ago.

Kevin O’Malley
CEO, Travel and Transport
Annual Executive Retreat

As our keynote speaker, Margaret Reynolds set the tone perfectly for a successful event. She captured the attention of the everyone with thought provoking ideas on challenging the status quo and finding new ways to drive business success. If you are looking for a speaker to make your event a success, Margaret is the one to call.

Steve Sutherlin
Executive Director, The Vision Council
Coalition of Optical Laboratories Association (COLA) Meeting

Loved it! Margaret is a smart woman that can package and present impactful business concepts to encourage action and growth.

Gina Stuelke
CEO, Kenton Brothers Inc.
Boost Your GrowthDNA Keynote


Explore Speaking Topics

Topic 1: Boost Your GrowthDNA to Achieve Sustainable High Performance

GrowthDNA™ is the missing link to more profit, stronger culture, and sustainable high performance. Like people, organizations have DNA. And it explains why hard work & investments don’t always pay off. Discover the four strands of GrowthDNA™ essential for growth-minded companies, what your company’s “gene code” is, the self-limiting behaviors your organization unwittingly perpetuates & how to modify it to achieve record-breaking growth year after year. Attendees are invited to take the no- charge GrowthDNA Scorecard Assessment before they come to get their company “gene code” and will be able to compare it with peers. (See ___ video below) Data shows that high performance companies score 26% better than average and those who have worked to modify their business genetics score another 15% higher. Based on the book of this same title, Boost Your GrowthDNA: How Strategic Leaders use Growth Genetics to Drive Sustainable Business Performance, this highly rated content-rich program provides specific actions for success.

Attendees will discover:
• Why traditional tools don’t work
• Information specific to their organization on what is holding it back from maximizing performance
• An easy-to-use framework for leading growth activities
• Tools and techniques for company leadership to use in generating stronger performance
• Insights on how this framework has been used by other companies and results achieved

Topic 2: From Contender to Champion: Moneyball Builds Confidence for the Win

In business, what we don’t know will hurt us. Data enables leaders to challenge the status quo and make bolder decisions about the company’s future. And yet, many of us are overwhelmed with data and not sure what matters. Many businesses lean hard on operational and financial data and yet the higher return comes from “outside-in” market intelligence. External information can help organizations identify and evaluate new growth opportunities that already exist, waiting to be addressed. In this session discover how the right data can transform your business and improve short and long-term financial success. This entertaining session provides real business examples, shares what data you need, where to find the data, and how to apply it to both operating and strategic decisions. 

Participants will discover:

  • What types of data yield the biggest return
  • What information is needed to make bold decisions confidently
  • How to identify the sweet spot for growth that enables growth acceleration
  • How data can be applied for business impact

Topic 3: What is Your Strategy? Creating Strategic Clarity Improves Results

Most companies take the time to create a strategy and it can be a big investment of time and resources. But is the strategy clear enough to help the company reach the future vision? In order to change company results, strategy must have enough clarity to ensure those required to implement it understand it, along with what they need to do to achieve it. In this session, participants will learn how to create clear strategy that changes the work of the organization.

Participants will discover:

  • What is the “right” question to ask on the strategic journey—and why most don’t ask it
  • The impact of clear strategy on results
  • How organizations know if they have an effective strategy
  • What essential strategic decisions they must make to have a clear strategy

Topic 4: Leaders Achieve Business Value Through Organizational Commitment

Most strategic plans fail to drive business value and yet people are working harder than ever. What creates the gap between goals and results? Announcements of a new strategic plan or growth initiative don’t always change the work of the organization. Leaders must effectively translate strategy into action, secure stakeholder commitment to the plan, and engage the entire organization to contribute to results. Achieving organizational commitment is the number one goal of leaders in growth-minded organizations.

Participants will discover:
• How to change how leaders lead to drive more business value
• The role of communication in achieving organizational commitment and how to improve it
• How to connect strategic goals to department and individual accountabilities
• Why metrics matter and how to make them more effective

Topic 5: What Growth-Minded Cultures Do Differently

Committed people are critical to performance success. While leaders recognize that, they also know achieving employee engagement is one of the biggest challenges they face. Creating value-driven cultures is a good start but it doesn’t necessarily correlate with strong business performance. Companies who are able to improve and sustain performance have a growth-minded culture. In this session, learn what a growth-minded culture is, how it generates and sustains improved business value, and how to create it.

Participants will discover:
• Why a value-driven culture doesn’t translate into business success
• How culture correlates to business value and success
• What a growth-minded culture looks like
• How to extend leadership bandwidth
• How to engage employees in achieving business performance goals

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