Boost Your GrowthDNA

Boost your GrowthDNA

How strategic leaders use growth genetics to drive sustainable business performance

Like humans, organizations also have distinct DNA—a genetic imprint that determines outcomes. It is the invisible force that can help—or hurt—in achieving growth goals. Fortunately, your business DNA can be altered over its lifetime to drive transformational growth results. GrowthDNA will help you discover your organizational DNA and rethink your approach to strategic growth, giving you the framework to achieve significant success.

“The most overlooked attribute in leadership is how a leader leads. This is a book long overdue in leadership circles. Margaret challenges leaders to strengthen the GrowthDNA of their business by focusing on how they lead.” John Robertson, “America’s Business Futurist” ( and author of Focus Forward Leadership.

About Margaret Reynolds

Margaret Reynolds is the founder and owner of Breakthrough Masters Unlimited, a division of Reynolds Consulting, LLC. Reynolds is a recognized expert at helping middlemarket companies identify and implement nextstage growth. Reynolds, whose first career chapter included senior leadership at Hallmark Cards, is also the author of Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth.

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