When is the best time to plant an Oak tree?

Never fear, I have not become a horticulturist! Yet, I can’t help but draw a parallel. How many times on a hot sunny day (I know it’s winter, but imagine!) have you wished you had planted that nice Oak shade tree by the patio, or in front of the big bay window that is letting in the scalding sun? You know that when you plant it, it is more a bush than a tree, and may take years to grow to its full potential. But if you don’t plant it, it can never do its job and provide the shade that you so desire and would do wonders for your electric bill. The very best time to plant that big shade tree? Yesterday!

Strategic plans (that you actually implement!) are the same way. They are not overnight success stories but they can help you achieve your goals, one step at a time. In a few years, when the company is firing on all cylinders, the team is working synergistically and the market knows what you do best, you can be sitting under that big Oak sipping a lemonade, reflecting back on how smart you were to get started. You didn’t start because it was the right time, you started because there is a never a right time, but the longer you put it off, the longer you wait to reap the benefits!

The best time to do a strategic plan? YESTERDAY!

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