What is your DNA and how can you use it?

What is Your DNA?

GrowthDNA is a framework designed to help leaders identify the unseen variables in their organizations, the DNA, that contributes to or detracts from the growth of the company.  Fortunately for growth goals, your business DNA can be altered over its lifetime to drive improved growth results.  We have created a GrowthDNA scorecard assessment that enables leaders to identify the current DNA strengths and weaknesses.  You can access this assessment for free at www.dnascorecard.com.

Compare Your Results

In GrowthDNA testing to date, our results show most companies which take the assessment score in an average range, which we designate as the “yellow” range.  The overall average is 128, with a range of 52-184 (of 200). This average suggests that most have some areas of DNA strength and other areas in need of improvement. High-performance companies, not surprisingly, average 26 percent higher than other companies, and clients who have worked to improve their DNA score 15 percent higher still!

How Do I Use It?

Knowing your DNA helps you understand how you are wired, which in turn enables you to proactively manage and even change outcomes.  There is an alignment between GrowthDNA scores and high-performance organizational growth, and companies who are aware of their scores can work to change them, improving their overall success as a result.

What Contributes to My DNA Score?

There are four strands that make up GrowthDNA. They are synergistic and improving one helps others. You will also receive a score for each of these strands. Commitment is the strand which often gets the highest scores, and Confidence the lowest. However, the Confidence score sets the stage for the other three and is critical to success. The four strands are: Eliminate spaces between numbered items

  1. ConfidenceDNA is how well you use market data to challenge the status quo.
  2. ClarityDNA is having a specific, well-defined strategy that is clear to all in the organization.
  3. CommitmentDNA is a company-wide commitment to the clear strategy.
  4. CultureDNA is a how well growth-mindedness is integrated into the day-to-day operations of the company.

Let’s Talk

Which of the GrowthDNA strands do you think would be your organizational strength?  Which might be holding you back?  Does your GrowthDNA assessment result surprise you?

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