Want to improve your 2012 performance?

Who doesn’t? As we take stock of how we can best help our friends and clients succeed in 2012, we thought about all of the most common pitfalls companies face. Our goal is to help as many companies as possible– by giving encouragement and by offering solutions for the biggest challenges you face in a variety of ways.

As much as we would like it, not all of you are going to ask us to help you with your growth plans!  If you are thinking about it, remember what you told us in a survey earlier this year; the right time to seek outside expertise is when your plan isn’t working or when you don’t have the expertise to do a good plan. If that is you, read no further and give us a call. If not, read on! We may be able to help you in other ways that work better for you.

First, we recently released a series of minibuks (which means quick and easy to read) that provide the overview of the three step process we use in our work. It is a helpful overview that may help you improve a step in your process or get unstuck if something is presenting a challange. Click here for more information.

Or you may prefer to entertain yourself with a DVD. We have a new 7-video series featuring yours truly and Tom Searcy of Hunt Big Sales. This DVD discusses what it takes to grow in today’s high stress world from the point of view of strategy and sales. A great way to pick up some tips in a more relaxed way. Check it out.

If the biggest challenge is collecting good information about your market, our new Discovery 101, coming soon, will be perfect. It is a pdf that contains the key questions to answer about the industry you serve and the websites where you can get the information, along with excel spreadsheets that help analyze your company strengths and point out opportunities. Check the product page on our new website, www.breakthroughmaster.com/products/.

Finally, if you just need a little of everything, when you want it, join our membership program. Every month we offer a members only webinar, newsletter on a hot topic, book reviews, access to all videos, interviews with leading CEO’s across the country and much more! Wanna know more?

Let us know what else you would like to know more about and we will try to cover it in a blog or new tool! We aim to help you achieve your performance goals!

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