Want to exceed your 2013 plan?

Most of us are closing out the year and starting to think about how to ramp it up even higher for next year. How can we reach more customers? Increase our competitive edge? Is it time to take prices up? Should we invest in new technology? How much can we take on without straining everything and everyone too much?

Those are all great questions and unfortunately, no one has a crystall ball. However, they are exactly the type of questions I tackle with clients and help them resolve. We work to be sure that there is a clear goal well defined and prioritize those things that are most important to achieve intended results while clearing away distractions. Sound good?

This year, based on requests from clients and prospects, I have created a program to help better define how we might work together to ensure you exceed your short and long term goals. The biggest thing to note is that this program will last the entire year…and will address issues as they arise…assuring that your strategic decision-making is dynamic and focused on what matters most…your issues and your success.

2013 Escape Velocity

For leaders who want to escape the business gravity that holds them back from achieving their long term vision and short term goals.

Escape     Velocity is the speed needed to breakthrough a gravitational field without     further propulsion

Defy Business Gravity: In a half-day session we will review your existing strategy and action plan to identify the business gravitational forces that are holding you back from success.  We will refine, revise and renew the steps necessary to achieve lift off!

Missile Guide System:  We will input those steps in a dynamic plan that guides each project’s milestones, timelines, measures, accountabilities and tracks progress, updating the plan as your trajectory changes throughout the year.

The Accelerator: Every quarter we will review progress against plan and make adjustments to reflect accurate atmospheric (market and competitive) conditions and new insights, removing obstacles and ensuring the entire team has the same set of expectations for the desired outcome.

Energy Thrust: Four one-on-one meetings with the CEO (or with whoever he/she selects) to provide mentoring on key projects and/or leadership development support.

Launch Team: Four sessions with the leadership team to tackle team development topics such as increasing communication, sharing expectations, improving process and creating greater productivity.

Why this Program?

There is a fair amount of flexibility built in allowing us to address a range of topics—the ones important to you.  It is designed to provide the most commonly requested support –1) help with strategic plan implementation 2) keeping the plan dynamic, responding to changing market opportunities and business circumstances and 3) leader and team development.

As always, the work will be outcome driven and the processes and tools fluid, tailored to each company’s objectives.  Here is what you can expect from me:

  1. Help the organization think more strategically and holistically
  2. Challenge the status quo
  3. Introduce market-based growth opportunities
  4. Offer practical solutions to operational challenges
  5. Focus the conversation on priorities
  6. Keep the implementation moving forward
  7. Train leaders how to ask the right questions and  make better decisions

Together, the result is improved outcomes, higher performance and developing leaders as the organization masters growth!

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