[Video] 7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Strategic Planner

Many clients tell me that the strategic planning experience they have with me is different than they have had before–better, more comprehensive, drove team work, more focused on outcomes, and much more action-oriented. When I ask how to better explain that in proposals, they tell me it is not the words used in the proposals–the others’ said the same things. It is what we did that was better. So how do you find out, before you hire a strategic planner? Watch this video and learn what to ask to smoke out who is really a strategist and business thought leader and who is just a color by numbers process oriented facilitator.

Remember there are over 250 strategic planning processes (that I know of) and it is not about which one is best. They all serve a purpose but do they serve your purpose? A plan is not about the process but rather the outcomes. Consider hiring a carpenter to build a shed. Do you ask what tools he will use or do you ask about the finished product? Unfortunately, when vetting a strategic planner most people ask about what tools we use; not what the finished product will be like. Focus on the desired outcome, the philosophy behind it, useful real world experience and track record not just process, timing and cost. You will be glad you did!

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