UNthink to Get UnStuck

This week I am attending the National Speakers Conference in San Diego. If you want a humbling experience this is the place. Regardless of how accomplished and honored you may be in your area of expertise, it is here where you will always find a new idea, a presentation or an approach that makes you realize that the high bar keeps getting raised and keeps you stretching.

On opening night we were treated to Erik Wahl who combines music, video and art to help us understand how routine our thinking is and how others have influenced or even limited our own self images of capability and success. In minutes he paints a masterpiece to music after sharing that he didn’t paint for 20 years after his fourth grade teacher told him he wasn’t a good painter because he went outside the lines and painted too fast. Here is what he created for us.

So you may be asking what does that have to do with strategic planning? Everything.

My business is named Breakthrough Masters Unlimited for all of the same reasons that Erik encourages us to get beyond what we know to what is possible; to not limit ourselves due to discomfort or fear. My goal is to help business leaders breakthrough—not just the performance ceiling but the limiting beliefs about what business they are in, what they are capable of and what they are selling.

Once the business leader can unleash the possibilities, they can plot a path to significant business growth, and motivate their team to accomplish it—becoming masters of breakthrough growth. The growth potential in all of us, and our businesses, is unlimited. We have the option of never becoming stagnant, of always moving with the market, of incorporating technology to find new and better solutions to customer’s issues, and to never be satisfied with good enough.

I didn’t start out with that name; originally we were Reynolds Consulting, LLC. Catchy, huh? But as clients started doubling their business, learning how to expect more of themselves and their teams, finding profit in targeting the right customers, and breaking through invisible but sturdy mental barriers, it became evident that the value we bring is to create Breakthrough Masters—Unlimited in number and potential. 

There are three simple keys to success; granted easier to say than do:

  1. The Leader must believe that more is possible and change is welcome
  2. The Market must be understood to know where the potential for growth exists
  3. The Company must be aligned and committed to accomplish the resulting plan together

The 3D Breakthrough Methodology that empowers leaders and companies to achieve success is described in this blog, The Proven 3D Breakthrough Methodology Transforms Mature Companies Into Growth Companies, and is the subject of my book due out this fall. If you are interested in early orders, let me know!

Your company can UnThink, get Unstuck and Master Breakthrough Growth.

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