Travelers Unite!

For those of us who travel on occasion (or alot) by air, we have learned to “go with the flow”. We never know when we will be delayed, diverted or just disappointed with the “care in the air” (and yes, that is a double entrendre).

Although feeling helpless, I continue to opt out of the body scanner, and endure the body search as I personally object to the intrusion. When I get the opportunity, I will share my point of view with TSA management regarding operational improvements that I would like to see. Rarely do I see anything but eyeball rolls (with a few exceptions).  In fact, I have often wished I could assist TSA in developing an effective approach to security which takes into account proven best practice and practical approaches.

Just today I came across an article published by Meetings and Conventions by Sarah J.F. Braley, titled Travelers Willing to Pay for Expedited Security Check. It reports the results of a study conducted by the U.S Travel Association with frequent travelers regarding expedited security. The concept, which I have long been an advocate of, is to have frequent travelers pay a fee to enroll in a program that screens them ahead of time allowing them to go through security faster. According to that study 75% of frequent travelers were likely to enroll. The story reports that TSA is considering such a program as early as this fall. It remains to be seen whether how they implement it will actually enhance the flying experience.

What do you think would make it better?

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