Most Popular Strategic Planning Blog Posts of 2013

The new year is a time to embrace what is to come as well as learn from what has been. As we review 2013 in preparation for 2014, here are the top 5 rated blogs from our community. If you missed them the first time or just want a refresher, please check them out and feel free to comment. The goal is to be relevant and timely in support of your business “breakthrough”! Let me know how I can improve.
Happy Growing!!

1.    Seven Things to Ask Before You Hire a Strategic PlannerBefore you hire a Strategic Planner discover the seven questions you should be asking any potential candidate!

My most popular post of the year (by leaps and bounds) benefited greatly from the addition of the video below on my YouTube channel, BreakthroughMasters.

2. 14 Things Every Growth Oriented Business Needs to Know About Their Customer– Most of us know a lot about our customers–or do we? We certainly know who they are and which ones are a pain in the you-know-what. We may know what they order, how fast they pay . . .

3. The Art of Thinking – Thinking takes some time, solitude, reflection–all very scarce resources. Without it, we just react–base on experience or habit. Doing doesn’t advance our cause–thinking does. . . .

4. What Responsibilities Does a Strategic Leader Own? – As leaders of our companies, the buck stops with us. Yet clearly, nothing would happen if we couldn’t delegate. So how do we decide how to allocate our precious time?

5. How to Prioritize for Profitability – Did you know that the odds are against you? Only 1 in 4 strategic growth projects actually return value. That strikes me not only as a low number but one of the reasons strategic planning . . .

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