Three ideas for a great start in 2012

Welcome to 2012! As you get off to a new start, I wanted to share with you some things my team and I have pulled together to help you accomplish your growth goals for the year–great ideas, tools and takeaways. Click the links and get off to a strong start!

  1. New Mini Book Series: Our new minibuk series, Master Breakthrough Growth, offers insights, tools and techniques to help you figure out how to improve your current revenue results. The books allow  you to focus in on the part of your growth plan that gives you the biggest challenge–each book addresses one key phase–or do a quick refresh on all three phases to get some new ideas on how to grow faster!  Fortunately, they really are mini-books and you can finish the series on a plane ride, waiting for your kids at practice or in one evening. You can learn more about them here.
  2. We have added significant new content on our membership site. Participate in monthly webinars on topics  members  request–things that matter most to you–with 30 minute webinars followed by live Q and A . If you can’t join us you can watch it at your convenience later. You also get a weekly tip every Monday to be sure you are working “on” the business. Other benefits are a monthly newsletter, book reviews, videos with top leaders, and a presentation library to name a few. Details here.
  3. As always, we invite you to susbscibe to our weekly blog, and now is a good time to check out suggestions that may lead you to some new growth intiatives or revisions to your current ones–improving results! Our December two-part blog titled The New Year Countdown–How to Prepare Part one and Part two, is worth reading!

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