The New Year Countdown…How to Prepare? Part 2

The New Year is just around the corner and to be sure you get off to a bang…this blog offers a series of steps you can take, one a day, to be sure you are prepared. See part one here.

There are 11 days left…

Day 11: Call an employee meeting and ask for feedback on what one or two things they would suggest to make the organization more productive.

Day 10: Identify your top ten accounts and begin to develop a plan to grow their business in 2012. Be sure you assess their profitability to the company not just their revenue.

Day 9: As you strive to be a better leader pick one magazine you want to read regularly, one book you want to read before the end of the quarter and one seminar, workshop or event you want to attend for professional growth.

Day 8: Christmas–love your family

Day 7: Write down your top ten capabilities as a company. Now give your company a grade ( A, B, C, etc.) as seen through the eyes of the customer. In other words, not based on intent or effort–but results. Which of these would you like to improve in 2012?

Day 6: Ask your employees about office communication. Do they feel they are clear about what the priorities are or what is happening in the company in general? Regardless of feedback, identify one way you can improve internal communication in 2012.

Day 5: Social media is here to stay but the tools are changing and the ROI is uncertain. If you haven’t already, select one tool to become more familiar with in 2012. You may not choose to use it but you should seek to understand it so that you can confidently evaluate its application to your business.

Day 4: Develop a timeline for implementing the ideas you have come up with the preparation you are doing.  You can’t do them all at once so decide which ones to start with, which order to add the others and at what pace.

Day 3: Next decide who to assign each activity. Delegate them to the employee group, assigning a champion to each.  It gets them involved, helps them develop new skills, and relieves you of the responsibility to do all of them. Accountability is good.

Day 2: Communicate what is coming to the troops. Get them as excited as you are. They will go out to celebrate the New Year on a positive note!

Day 1: Kick back, relax and know that you are going to get off to a strong start! Congratulations and Happy New Year!

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