The Good and The Bad; Is your industry growing?

Recently I have come across two very intersting lists—the top 10 growth industries and the 10 fastest declining industries. Being in a growth industry is usually a good thing! You get tail winds. Being in a declining industry–well your challenge is to avoid being the buggy whip. Most of us are somewhere in the middle so what do we learn? We learn what customer segments to focus on, where we might want to create alliances, opportunities for new products or even industries to study for some emerging best practice. So here are the lists:

The Good: Top 10 Growth Industries per

  1. Iron Ore Mining
  2. Investment Banking and Securities Dealing
  3. Multifamily Homebuilding
  4. Molybdenum and Other Metal Ore Mining
  5. Environmental Consulting
  6. Aluminum Manufacturing
  7. Car and Auto Manufacturing
  8. New-car dealers
  9. Domestic Airlines
  10. Financial Planning and Advice

The Bad: The Top 10 Struggling Industries by; rate of decline 2010-2016

  1.  Apparel Manufacturing -8.5%
  2.  Mills -10%
  3. Video Post-Production -8%
  4. Costume/Formal Rental -14.6%
  5. Newspaper Publishing -18.8%
  6. Game/Movie Rental -19.3%
  7. Wired Telecommunications -37%
  8. Photo Finishing Services -39%
  9. Record Stores -39.7%
  10. Manufactured Home Dealers -62%

Any surprises? What would you add to the lists as growth industries or to the list of those that are struggling?

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