The Final Chapter

Thanks for sharing the amazing College World Series experience with me. It truly was a memory for a lifetime. I thought you might like to read some of what others have written about it. Why? This is not the online version of the family vacation slideshow. Rather this is how good it feels to be a part of a winning team that makes something special happen. There are lessons here for all of us. To shoot for less than your dream, to settle for an uncomitted team, to try to take short cuts to get by—those are tradeoffs that will not let you experience the majestic moment you are so capable of.

The following are excerpts from an article titled Closing Down Disneyland written by Rod Williamson, Director of Communications at Vanderbilt:

We learned that the sum of a true team is greater than its parts. Much has been written about the recruiting coups of our coaches but the truth is not every Commodore was regarded as a blue-chipper upon arriving on campus. Quite a few of the guys we now applaud developed the old-fashioned way – earning success through focused, hard work.

We learned that simple acts of kindness form lasting impressions. That remembering a person’s name matters. We’ve realized that respecting everyone from the opposing team to the fellow power washing the stadium seats or taking our breakfast order makes us feel good.

This Commodore team didn’t achieve success when it qualified to play in the College World Series or when it beat North Carolina. It was successful long before that. Getting here simply gave the team the grand recognition platform it has deserved for years. They are as much leaders as they are teachers.

Big words spoken about some very young men. If they can do it, can you?

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