The Double Double

Basketball is known for the double-double, even the triple-double—scoring double digit points while achieving double digit assists or rebounds. Not an easy feat and it takes a well rounded player.

Well, from here on out, I want to encourage YOU to achieve a double-double in business. Double revenue in half the time. Impossible you say? Then you are right. I absolutely agree with the old saying, ” If you believe you can, you can and if you believe you can’t you are also right.”

Here is what it takes to have a double-double in business:

1. Be willing to complete an honest assessment of your current market and business model. That means when evaluating performance, no A’s for effort, just results. Being clear about whether you really do have better service or quality than everyone else; while many claim it, you can’t all be “Best”.

2. Being able to grasp the concept of what your company might look at 10x its size rather than 10% bigger. One achieves breakthrough growth, the other incremental improvements.

3. Finally, staying enthusiastic and on track even when there are bumps in the road–and there inevitably will be. If you aren’t committed to necessary change, no one else will be!

If you have the belief and the willingness to tackle those issues, you CAN have a double-double! Go make it happen.

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