Have you had your DNA tested?

DNA testing exploded in 2017, more than doubling. Today, around 1 in 25 adult Americans have access to their personal genetic data(1). A survey by Counsyl, a health technology company, indicates that 53% of U.S. consumers want to know what is in their DNA.  What drives the need to know?

According to the founder and CEO of Counsyl, Ramji Srinivasan, it is because early awareness of risk can make a big difference in (health) outcomes. There is an interest in being proactive about something so essential.(2)

DNA Testing for Growing your Business

If you are one of those who believe in the value of DNA testing, then you may be very interested in the same concept for your business. GrowthDNA is designed to help leaders identify the variables in their organizations that contribute or detract from the growth of the company. Once they are able to uncover risks, addressing them greatly increases their odds for a healthier business outcome. Want to know your GrowthDNA? Take the free assessment at www.dnascorecard.com

How does GrowthDNA work?

There are four essential strands in GrowthDNA. They are:

Confidence.  Without confidence, bold moves are unlikely to happen.  Companies without confidence don’t push themselves out of their comfort zone.  They don’t challenge existing boundaries and don’t believe they can overcome barriers.  Our proprietary Discovery process frames up market opportunities that you didn’t even realize were there, and yet your organization is uniquely suited to capitalize on them.  Your challenge will be in choosing which of the many possibilities will get your company where you want to go.

Clarity.  Clarity is one of those things that sounds easy but is really hard.  You have a clear vision so why isn’t the company implementing it?  Often, the vision may be clear but the journey for how to get there is not.  An effective strategy, which is created in the Development process, requires clarity on not just where the organization is going but also how it will get there.  Every member of the organization must understand their role relative to success (or how they will contribute).

Commitment.  The single biggest gap between top performing companies and everybody else is the ability to act on opportunities.  Plans don’t create value, activities do.  And even organizations that act miss the mark 75% of the time.  The entire organization, every person, needs to be committed to doing their part to implement the vision.  They are invested because they understand how their role/actions will make a difference.  The Delivery process maps out the journey and ensures that there is visibility to the big picture as well as the specific department by department deliverables.

Culture.  The goal at Breakthrough Masters Unlimited is to ensure our clients become the Masters of their own growth.  That requires a change in mindset that comes from embedded GrowthDNA.  New processes, new behaviors, and new practices are required to sustain a growth minded organization.  Without this essential piece, organizations get a temporary boost but may fall back into historical habits.  We work alongside our clients beyond the planning stages to get accelerated results; to instill what it takes to sustain and continually elevate success to new levels.  It is time to Do it!

Ready to identify your organization’s GrowthDNA? Take the free GrowthDNA assessment and get an instantaneous assessment that helps you determine risk factors for business growth so that you can proactively address them.

Want to better understand how GrowthDNA works and the value it can bring to you? Download this free white paper.


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  • (2) Business Wire: New Survey Finds Majority of Americans Want to Know What’s in Their DNA 9/24/15

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