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One of the most respected leadership thought leaders, John C. Maxwell, says, “Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life influencing another.” As leaders, we can only achieve when others do. One of the greatest challenges in business is effective leadership as it is not a matter of what we can do but rather what we can create through others. Leadership is a multiplier; Those who lift others up–providing purpose, opportunity and inspiration–expand organizational bandwidth geometrically.

Successful strategic leaders understand that they can accomplish much more by transforming managers into leaders. Strategy is about achieving a future state of desired position and performance within a market context. A CEO can work tirelessly to manage existing resources to accomplish that vision OR they can invest in elevating the leadership of their management team and enable them to drive the vision throughout the organization, creating alignment and synergy, building a collective braintrust, increasing the speed at which results are achieved.

As I reflected on how I can best serve the many leaders I work with, I realized that helping them elevate their management team into a leadership team will exponentially improve their organization’s performance. While there are many resources available to provide leadership development, helping a company’s high potential future leaders grow and learn together in a setting that focuses on their organization’s challenges and opportunities provides the greatest benefit and return on investment.
After discussion with clients about how to best meet this need, I am excited to introduce a new service–Leadership Development Masterminds.  As a certified John C. Maxwell coach, the mastermind will feature his leadership teachings and be implemented in a company setting to encourage company-focused application and problem solving.

If you have high performance standards, are interested in pushing past the organization’s current performance boundaries or have high potential leaders in your organization–this will work for you!

  • Two curriculum to choose from: Leadership Gold, lessons from a lifetime of leadership, or Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn, John C. Maxwell’s newest book.
  • Ideal for groups of 3-12 people; send your whole management team through together
  • Session frequency and time is flexible to accommodate organization schedules

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Mastermind Launch Flyer

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”
― John C. Maxwell

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