Strategic Planning Tip: The key to a powerful plan-define the nucleus

It is not enough to create a plan. Often plans start with where we are and build outward instead of starting with where we want to go and then creating the most effective and efficient path to get there. When we start with where we are, we also tend to look at the business functionally. When we look into the future we are more likely to see the business the way customers see it, as an integrated whole. Why? Because we aren’t exactly sure yet how it will work and have yet to break it into its moving parts. In that vision of the future state is a strategy—what will make the organization great, the integrated, externally-driven, concept that allows a company to achieve its success. That concept is the nucleus.

The nucleus is the control center. It is what defines the purpose and growth of the cell.  Leaders that define this strategic nucleus well allow the rest of the organization the ability to act; to determine what fits and what doesn’t; what they must do to achieve the future and what will get in the way; what each functions role is and how they must support the overall objective, and importantly, align the organization to work together to achieve the end game.  The rest of the key strategic decisions become a lot easier to make as they line up under and support the nucleus.

The best plans carefully construct the strategic concept to be focused, specific and significant. How effective is your strategy in driving your business growth across all functions and achieving powerful results?

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