Solving the Growth Puzzle

Ever wonder why strategic implementation is so tricky? Why is it  that best made plans go awry during implementation? You are NOT alone.  After speaking to thousands of executives from across the country, I have learned it is the number one concern regarding strategic planning. However, it is NOT the number one problem in strategic planning.

Implementation challenges are the result of less-than-perfect planning.  Any system is designed to get the result it achieves. If your software doesn’t have a certain functionality, it is because it wasn’t designed to. If your car breaks down, it is because something in the operational system isn’t working as it should. If you aren’t getting the results you want, it is the result of something being off in our plan.

The most common issue in planning is the failure to integrate the strategy across all functional areas of the organization. Too often, we assume each operating area will implement the plan with the same goals in mind. That can happen, but if each functional manager is trying to maximize their functional area rather than the plan, things don’t always work out. So regardless of how hard the organization is trying, the overall implementation suffers.

We have a developed a tool that illustrates this phenomenon and presents the solution. Watch our new new You Tube video, Solving the Growth Puzzle. Tell us what you think about it!



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