Smart Devices and Wearables Impact to Your Business

This article could focus solely on the changes caused by this trend towards smart devices and wearables. They will be everywhere and impact everything. When you think of wearables, include the concept of virtual reality.

Since I used to work at Hallmark I always think about how to reinvent greeting cards (I know, email already has!). But what about delivering card copy as texts (how much would you pay to have a funnier joke, a better way to say I love you or a timely Happy Birthday delivered that looks like you put a little thought into it even when you didn’t) or a beautiful 3D card via VR—all in real time like email only better? Smart devices and wearables will:

  1. Be how we deliver our products and services
  2. Influence what products and services we offer. If your product or service can’t be viewed on a smartphone or worn on the body, it is time to rethink how to deliver against the needs you serve in a new way.
  3. Be part of our internal processes in terms of how we track and communicate. The military is tracking people through implants. We can track sales people’s routes and stops. Truck drivers can wear glasses with cameras so we see what they see. People will be accessible 24/7 to a greater degree than they are now.

To get the juices rolling here is a list of 50 wearable tech gamechangers.

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