Customized Support That Re-Ignites Growth

Our proprietary 3D Breakthrough Solution Approach comes in many shapes and sizes to fit every need.  Find the one that suits your company best!

For those business owners of privately held companies and executives of publically traded companies, who want to really experience transformational growth via top notch strategic engineering verses incremental growth through strategic planning, Margaret Reynolds and her company Breakthrough Masters is a solid leader in her field. John Degen

John Degen and Associates

Reignite Compass Reignite Roadmap Reignite Accelerator Reignite Navigator
This audit provides insight and opportunities to pursue This workshop delivers a high level game plan for the team to implement Delivers a comprehensive strategically engineered plan for accelerating growth This immersion helps leaders create and navigate a successful growth strategy
Duration N/A 1 Day 3 Months 1 Year
Suited for Validating existing plan; getting objective review Team of 3 or less key leaders or in need of a jumpstart Team with challenging goals or threats needing new growth plan Team that need fast results, seeks innovation, is committed to success
Discover Audit existing market and company information for strategic value Complete a comprehensive competitive map and analyze customer profitability Full detailed discovery with use of database comparisons to like-type companies and written report of relevant insights Everything in the acccelerator plus a proprietary piece of customer research and a competitor analysis
Develop Review existing strategy and identify potential opportunity or challenges Create a strategic positioning statement and discuss implications for company decisions Craft comprehensive strategic funnel with a cascading set of strategic decisions to guide the company and its investments going forward Everything in the accelerator
Deliver Discuss next steps to ensure action items addressed Identify key initiatives and prioritize Create an implementation action plan with initiatives, milestones, accountabilities, measures, resource allocation Everything in the accelerator plus an accountability plan to meet regularly with the executive group to track, review and revise plans
Do it! Client support available as an option Client support available as an option Client support available as an option We keep your C-level team accountable, and help you integrate strategic initiatives into day-to-day operations
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