Reignite: Need Your Help

Greetings! One of the things I have learned from you–my awesome clients–is that great leaders teach at every turn. They teach employees, they teach on the boards they serve, they teach at Church and even when they have a cup of coffee with colleagues. They impart things they have learned or read that they have found useful. Many of you are sharing news of the book with clients, employees and boards and I humbly thank you. I promised to keep you in the loop on the impact the book is making. So here is the latest on Reignite: How Everyday Companies Spark Next Stage Growth

The News:

  • In the last two months since the books release we have sold out of our initial run!!
  • We have booked 5 speaking events and each has ordered the book for their executive audiences.
  • We have 13 5-star reviews on Amazon.
  • Over 200 media outlets picked up our initial press release.
  • One of the most rewarding things is what people are saying about the book

“Margaret has written a tour de force manual for maximizing growth and profitability. It is clear, detailed, well thought out, and logical while being very readable”

“This book ignited questions for me right from the start. I enjoyed reading it and having multiple “ah-ha” moments that will make a big difference for my business”

“Margaret has tremendous insight and breaks down complex ideas into systematic implementable actions that can foster real change for growth.”

Your Input?

What I love most is hearing from people like you, running businesses, being great employers, working hard, you know—leaders of everyday businesses– about what spoke to you in the book. For example, someone I have known a long time but not worked directly with was so struck by the free download chapter that he ordered the book for the executives and Board members of a company he serves as a Board Officer. He found an ah-ha moment in the section in Chapter 7 called The Blindside: You have one—where is it? He realized that they were thinking about competition the wrong way, worrying about the wrong competitors. That section has transformed how they will approach the market and how they will define the focus of their competitive advantage.

I would like to hear from you. Would you take a minute to post your comment below about what passage, concept or idea was useful to you? What got you jazzed? What presented a new way of thinking? This will help me tremendously as I develop presentations from the book or select concepts which might  be developed further in blogs or articles.

My goal is to help each and every business achieve its potential for growth and with your input I will focus on what makes the most difference.  Thank you!!

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