Reach new planets or send a man to the moon? You pick.

It is not unusual for me to make a case for specificity in strategy. Without the clarity specificity brings, plans lack focus, people lack clarity and chaos reigns! Consider this: What if JFK had said our space program was to reach and explore new planets? Who would have done what? Would it require us to build one rocket to handle all the different atmospheric conditions of multiple planets? Would we have fought over which planets to put on the list? Would we run out of resources before we even begun with such a large number of options to explore? But no, JFK said put a man on the moon AND return him safely to earth before the decade was out. Would your strategy pass that test of specificity? Not launch a new product but talk about the specific type of product or its functionality? Or not say expand to new markets but get specific about which one? Unfortunately, far too often I see value dreams built into strategy–not actionable and specific goals.

Remember this: At 211 degrees you have hot water. At 212 degrees you have boiling water which produces steam and can run machines and locomotives. One degree separates success from average. To have success, try to be as specific as possible. You are so much more likely to make something happen if you, and the others you work with, see it clearly in your minds. To watch an amazing video about the level of specificity needed in success, click here.

How specific is your strategy? Does it pass the test? If not, shoot for that goal this fall when you re-craft your plan.

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