Plus One

A friend of mine has a philosophy–it is called Plus One. Essentially, it is derived from camping experiences where you haul out everything you take in, leaving the area as you found it. But what if you went one step further and took out all of your “stuff” plus one more thing? How long would it take before the litter was gone?

The concept goes much further. If all of us did one more thing than we normally do–bake an extra dozen cookies to share, donate one more dollar, help out one person a week or a year–how long would it take to make a difference? How many of the social issues facing us –worldwide–could we solve?

So many times, solving problems seems so daunting. They are so much bigger than any of us; but are they bigger than all of us? One person can’t solve the world’s issues; but one person can make a difference in the lives they touch.

Many of us are still absorbing what happened at the polls this week and what it means for our future. Let’s accept responsibility for our future and for our ability to leave an imprint on it by making whatever difference we can in whatever way we can. We can all make things better –one small act at a time. Plus One!

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