Myth: Breakthrough growth only works for highly innovative companies

Breakthrough growth is something everyone wants and few feel they can have. We are conditioned to believe we aren’t good/big/innovative/smart/technology-driven/fill-in-the-blank enough to achieve it.

Great news! Breakthrough growth is not a limited commodity. It can happen to almost any company that seeks it in a committed fashion.

Breakthrough growth requires two basic things–an ability to see the truth about the company and its market, along with a genuine commitment to follow the growth plan. Now, those things aren’t really easy. In fact, taking off the rose-colored glassed regarding the accurate state of the business is often very difficult, even painful. Yet only in doing so can we tackle the issues that hold us back.  The commitment to implementing the plan is very hard, evidenced by the small number of companies who actually do it! It requires changing–where we allocate resources, how we work, and possibly who is on the team. But it can be done and done well as evidenced by the following businesses.

The companies mentioned below are real (although a few facts are fuzzy to hide their identities), and represent a broad cross-section of industry, size and geography. What they have in common is that they are all our clients. They are regular hard-working traditional companies; many of them have been around for decades. They were tired of the same old challenges and same old results and decided to do something about it. Each of them achieved a significant breakthrough. Which one best describes your challenges?

  •An athletic product manufacturer endured flat sales for almost five years; after the strategic plan was developed, which addressed branding and growth strategy, they were able to grow over 90% in 7 years in large part by acquisition.

•A food packaging manufacturer was losing customers and convinced they would need to re-capitalize the manufacturing room floor with different technology to turn it around; instead, after careful market research it was determined that they could penetrate a new but related market with minimal capital investment. Five years later, they have more than doubled revenues and continue to expand.

•A food distributor struggling with generational transitions and lack of alignment has successfully transitioned the company to the second generation, and developed strategic and organizational clarity.

•A telecommunications company with explosive growth but limited resources was stretched almost to the breaking point and was starting to disappoint new customers. Creating a defined business model focused on core strengths enabled the development of an infrastructure to successfully support growth. They continue to have phenomenal success!

•A health care clinic that wanted to serve the underserved were stretched too thin and desired to be more effective so consequently had a list of initiatives a mile long. Reducing the number of initiatives by 2/3 actually allowed them to do more with less by focusing on game changers, creating a waterfall effect as these big improvements flowed through the entire system.

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