Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2014

The new year is a time to embrace what is to come as well as learn from what has been. As we review 2014 in preparation for 2015, here are the top rated blogs from our community. If you missed them the first time or just want a refresher, please check them out and feel free to comment. The goal is to be relevant and timely in support of your business “breakthrough”! Let me know how I can improve.

Happy Growing!!

    1. How to Prioritize for Profitability – Did you know that the odds are against you? Only 1 in 4 strategic growth projects actually return value. That strikes me not only as a low number but one of the reasons strategic planning . . .
    2. Strategic Planning Excellence: Defining the End Game – In business the end game is often not clear. When an org has an end game in mind, the strategic plan is more likely to have effective implementation.
    3. Strategic Plan Hoax – Strategic plans are widely misunderstood. Discover what it takes to put the strategy back into your strategic plan!
    4. Reality vs. Perception: Lessons Learned from Others Mistakes – As business leaders it is important to consider the customers’ perception vs. our own beliefs, as it can dictate the company’s reality in the marketplace.
    5. Three Mistakes Most Leaders Make that Limit Growth – Many business leaders make growth decisions based on education and experience. As the market has evolved things that used to be effective no longer are.
    6. Moneyball for Business Growth – Moneyball is essentially a system of using statistical data to improve performance. Sound like a game you want to play? Discover what successful leaders already know.
    7. Three Key Secrets to Targeting Customers that Grow Your Profits – To have great and profitable customers—easy to work with and satisfy, loyal to your offerings, and profitable to work with—follow these steps to customer targeting.

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