Maximize Profitable Growth in 2014

If profitable growth is important to your business (and if you are breathing it probably is!) then you will want to learn more about managing customer profitability. It is one of the fastest growing “sciences” at helping organizations drive profitability up—-fast!! Consider that empirical studies show that only 40% of any businesses customers’ are profitable, many of the rest are profit neutral but 20-40% are profit negative, reducing the organization’s total profit dollars.

How would you like to increase profit dollars without significant investment in new products, new equipment or new people?

Identifying and managing customer profitability allows you to do that!

If it interests you, do at least one of three things right now:

1. Read the CEO Interview featuring Jonathan Byrnes, author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink, as he talks about this important and game changing business capability.

2. Plan to attend the Advanced Profit Innovation Conference in Scottsdale March 4-5 and to learn much more about this and other profit-driving tools and processes.

3.¬†Contact me and let’s discuss how this capability can change your profitability THIS YEAR!

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