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I had the pleasure of interviewing David Brain, founder of EPR Properties. David Brain is a household name in Kansas City and well known to real estate investors around the world. He maneuvered the company from start up to a firm of 230 properties in 39 states with record investments that year of over $600 million and revenue up 12%.

David Brain exemplifies the value of GrowthDNA; he understands how it contributes to a thriving, growth-oriented business. For example, the first strand of GrowthDNA is confidence generated by market intelligence. Brain is committed to using data to make innovative decisions and has the confidence to see them through even when “the herd” misses the potential by following conventional thinking. I am convinced that every organization is capable of doing the same, once its leaders have tapped into their own GrowthDNA.

Brain’s approach to leadership is as unique as he is. Our conversation covered a wide range of topics including how to create value, the importance of being an evangelist for success, and how to structure win-win deals…all things that lead to high performance.

If you are interested in discovering where your organization is on the GrowthDNA curve, here is a link to quiz that will tell you: Assess Your GrowthDNA. By knowing your organization’s strengths—and challenges—you are in a position to drive success. And don’t miss out on the interview with David Brain. It contains a variety of insightful leadership experiences that all of us can learn from.

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