Leadership: Find Your Horsepower

As you read this I will be riding a Spanish Andalusian through the hills of Catalonia.

Riding brings great joy to my heart but I also have figured out it adds horsepower to my life. What do I mean by horsepower? It enables me to set and meet career and personal goals beyond what I would consider my comfort zone. It makes me better. As business owners, leaders and managers, we seek to get better at what we know how to do. The challenge is that what we know how to do isn’t always what we need to do now. We all need to challenge our comfort zone.

Horsepower is the energy that drives things forward, that gives us the confidence to do what we thought we couldn’t. If you had asked me five years ago if I would be taking this trip, flying half way around the world to take to the hills with nothing but a horse, I would have said no. But I found my horsepower; something that energizes me to move out of my comfort zone.. (To read that story, click here)  And by doing so, it pushes me in all aspects of my life to think bigger, it builds confidence, and encourages me to harness hardships and overcome hurdles that get in the way.

What would happen to your organization if you discovered your horsepower? And if you already have, please share what it is.

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