Know Thy Neighbor

Kansas City Business Journal articleRecently, I wrote an editorial for the Kansas City Business Journal on the topic of bringing Kansas City from good to great.  I love my home town, and for that reason I am participating in a new Kansas City organization, LIFT KC, founded by Adam Hawley and Kelly Sulivan.  This is an organization that unites people who might normally not cross paths but who have a stake in the future of the city.

As my new friend, Adam Hawley, has taught me, we have to “know our neighbor” to solve common problems such as violence.  I am sure it is the same in any urban area.

As I reflect on what I want to do differently in 2020, it includes taking a bigger interest in the health and future of the city I love, listening more than talking, and treating those with equal passion—even if I don’t agree with them—as a neighbor, not an adversary. Get involved and meet your neighbors.

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