It’s All in the Attitude

What is the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t? Attitude. The first step to success is believing you can. As Mark Emkes, recently retired CEO of Bridgestone Americas, said in a recent interview, “if you don’t think you will hit the baseball, you won’t.”

The great thing about attitude is, it is within your control. While life’s circumstances might be hard, and you may deserve to feel negative, how will that solve the challenge? Successful executives believe that they can achieve their goals. They focus on what they are going to make happen, not all of the obstacles. Here are a few key things that can help you get and keep a positive attitude:

  1. Pick the people you spend the most time with carefully. You are the average of the ten people you spend the most time with; if they are negative, then it might be rubbing off. Be around inspiring, encouraging people that make you feel better and happier.
  2. Take care of your health. Eat right, exercise and get more sleep. Easy to say and hard to do, I know. This is another thing in your control and remains your choice. A well-nourished person who is also well rested can create better ideas and be more productive than someone who is worn out and barely able to stay awake through a meeting.
  3. Continually learn. Never stop learning new things and growing as a person. Learn to speak a new language, stay in tune with global news, read books on becoming an expert networker. One hour a day on a topic will make you an expert in six months or less. Personal development makes you more interesting and will lead to hobbies and friends that increase your enjoyment and improve your attitude.
  4. Do good. There is nothing as rewarding as doing something for others. Random acts of kindness (one a day) can totally change someone’s life and, for you, the personal reward is immeasurable.

There isn’t much we can’t accomplish with a positive attitude, and it definitely makes life more fun along the way! What suggestions would you offer for building and keeping a positive attitude? Please share.

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