Is Strategic Growth Planning really necessary? Take this test and see!

Some business leaders believe they don’t need a strategic growth plan. Others wouldn’t go a day without one. Who is right? The answer is, it depends. I can think of a few circumstances where a leader may choose not to do a plan. Most experts,  not just me, will tell you that leading without a plan is living on the edge. Do you really need a plan? Take this test and see.

Having a plan is for you if: (check all that apply)

  1. You aren’t sure which direction to take the business
  2. You aren’t consistently hitting the original forecast
  3. The growth forecast has slowed or you are in a plateau
  4. You have less and less time to make quality decisions
  5. You have an inceasing number of projects on your radar
  6. Your projects don’t consistently hit their ROI goals
  7. Your staff needs to be reminded about what needs to be done or advised on how to solve a problem
  8. You are increasingly worried about competitors
  9. Your staff doesn’t work together as well as you would like
  10. Your margins are shrinking
  11. You are losing customers or the average order size is declining
  12. Your staff regularly complains about being overworked
  13. The sales cycle has gotten longer

If you checked three or more of these issues, chances are you need a strategic plan. If you still aren’t sure, call me and we can walk through an evaluation to determine if or how a plan might help. 816-350-7680

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