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Many of you have heard me speak of a book called Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink. Written by Jonathan Byrnes, an MIT professor and a colleague on the speaking circuit, it shares alarming insights into the profitability of our customers. For example, after significant empirical study he found only 40% of customers contribute profit to the average company. If you are looking to increase profit in the short term, understanding this dynamic can make a huge impact!

I am excited to share an opportunity with you to learn more. Jonathan is hosting a  live webcast, “Accelerate Profitability through Transformative Customer Service”, on Thursday, May 23 from 1-2 p.m. EDT, offered by Modern Distribution Management. There is no charge for this webcast.

Here is a link to register for this event: 

You can also view the webcast at a later time by using this link: and select “Archives.”
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