How do you drive more profit out of core business?

Impossible you say? You have probably cut about every expense you can think of out of your business in the last three years. You are doing everything you can to drive revenue. So….what else is left? Profit management! 

Most likely 40% or more of your business is still unprofitable. WHAT?? Shocking, I know. But after significant empirical study, MIT professor, Jonathan Byrnes, has determined that businesses don’t track profit at the customer, or product level, and thus are unaware of exactly which part of the business is generating profit.

The study of profitability is on the rise due to technology’s ability to access, track and report more data on your business. New tools are in place to help you drive more profit out of your existing business! If you REALLY want to increase profit, combine the study of core business profitability with a plan to drive revenue and WOW–you can see a significant increase in profit quickly!

How quickly? How about turning around a string of 3 money losing years in 10 months? Or adding $3 million to the bottom line in 6  months?   Want to know more about how you can do that?

Come and hear the masters discuss strategies; bring your team and devise your plan–all in two days in Scottsdale March 29-30th. Speakers feature the author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink: why 40% of your business in unprofitable, Jonathan Byrnes of MIT, Bruce Merrifield, the father of high performance service management, Randy McLean, founder of Waypoint Analytics, a software analytic system that identifies profit leaks at a granular level, Mike Emerson who will address Sales Incentive design, Brent Grover who will provide guidance on strategic pricing and how NOT to leave money on the table, and yours truly, Margaret Reynolds, who will be sharing how to be sure you are investing in the right business model.

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