Hit a home run lately?

If you are a baseball fan then you know how fun it is to see a home run blasted out of the stadium. The Home run derby for any tournament is always a big draw. But did you know that home runs have little to do with who wins the game? What does? On base percentage! The more often a batter can get on base through any means–hit or walk–the more likely they are to score. The more runs a team has correlates to wins. Sound simple?

How can we apply that same concept to our business? My company is focused on helping others achieve breakthrough growth. Would it surprise you to know that it happens most often by getting basic business discpline right while taking off the blinders that habit have built? It doesn’t necessarily come from grand slams or home runs. Would you like to know more about what links to growth and what data a company needs to make strong day-to-day decisions to drive it?

Join us for an online workshop series where we will identify the most important business information to collect and analyze AND help you analyze your business by providing you with a workbook that we will work through together in the four sessions of the series.

What: Moneyball for Business: What you don’t know may hurt you!

When: Four sessions, August 9,16,23,30; one hour each; exact time to be determined

Who: Organizational leaders responsible for making strategic and financial decisions

How to register? Just email me (mreynolds@breakthroughmaster.com) and we will hold a spot for you. More information coming soon!

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