I couldn’t let this occasion pass without expressing my personal gratitude and humble appreciation for life in general, my family and friends and my colleagues and clients. The first two may be obvious, so let me elaborate on the latter.

I am honored and humbled every day to come alongside business leaders and executive directors of important organizations and asked to be a part of their team. The trust clients place in me is a covenant that I take seriously. The relationship we develop is for life and it is a treasure. I have been so fortunate to count among my many business friends and clients genuinely great people who care deeply for those in their organizations and try relentlessly to do the right thing. Thank you for letting me into your world, for letting me participate in the “positive side” of problem solving and letting me assist in creating a brighter future for you and yours.

For our relationship, for your trust, for our work together, I am deeply grateful.

Have a wonderful holiday,

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