Do you have the confidence to act boldly?

Egypt on horsebackMy riding friends and I have just decided we are going to Egypt to ride Arabians to the pyramids and throughout the desert to tour ancient sites. After five years doing horseback treks around the world I have learned there is no other way I would rather take in a new country then up close and personal on horseback.

So why don’t I worry that I will break my neck or fall off my horse or be harmed because I am a foreigner? Because I have confidence inspired by preparation. Do you find that the things you most want to do seem daunting and you are reluctant to invest or to believe they are possible? That is self-limiting behavior. I used to feel that way; but no longer. I have learned that when you set goals, and do the hard work of preparing as needed to meet them, just about anything can happen. For me personally, that means I am discovering so much more about this world than I thought possible in a way that I love. For me professionally, that means I felt comfortable challenging my own expertise and refocusing my work on strategic growth and strategic thinking, not strategic planning—an outdated approach to business growth.

This blog post, titled Overcoming the Risk of Bold Moves, captures how I went about preparing myself. Little did I know, that the concept of being able to make bold moves, confidently, would find its way into the new GrowthDNA framework—as an essential strand called ConfidenceDNA.  To read the blog about riding Arabian stallions through the desert of Morocco and how that might help you tackle your goals read on here.

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