Defying the Forces of Business Gravity

We all get caught up in the gravity of day to day business–the forces that keep us where we are today. We repeat our processes, our systems “lock us in” to doing business a certain way, our training is teaching the same skills and knowledge as last year, and then we wonder why growth is so elusive. We think a good day is no hiccups.

But are we doing a dis-service to our companies if we aren’t our own devils advocate, pursuing a balance between present and future and figuring out how to do something better or differently than everyone else.

What holds us back?

One of the biggest forces of gravity is simply time. How do you balance time spent on today vs. tomorrow. If you are not working on the growth strategy for your company, who is?

Sometimes gravity is created by our industry standards when we strive to keep up with the competition and end up in “me-too-ness” instead of separating ourselves from the pack.

Commonly, we establish habits and don’t see other options. Many times this can actually be caused by success–a good thing–unless it holds you back from advancing to the next level because you don’t change as the market changes and we can all count on the market changing (2009 is the poster child)!

And change brings risk–how to change, how fast to change, what will competition do, etc. But, those questions can be answered by a company with a finger on the pulse of the market and knowledge of their own strengths. Together that knowledge forms the foundation of a terrific strategic plan which, when properly resourced, can take you to a whole new plateau.

Defy gravity in your company and lead into the future.

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