Creating a culture that improves performance

Culture is a mystery to many of us. We know it matters but we don’t know how to create the purposeful culture we need to improve morale and subsequently performance. Gallup tells us that 70% of employees are disengaged making it hard for any company to achieve their goals. But even companies who report having strong cultures often don’t link their values-driven cultures to business outcomes, or know how to encourage and enable employees to help improve the business at a grassroots level. For example, does every employee in your company know how to make suggestions (in a manner that leadership processes and responds to)? For organizations to not only achieve high performance, but to sustain it year after year, in addition to values-driven cultures they must have growth-mindedness.

A growth-minded culture has the following characteristics:

  • Strategically aligned
  • Data-driven; Outside-in
  • Transparent
  • Clear priorities
  • Informed
  • Diffused decision-making
  • Inclusive
  • Active two-way communicators
  • Accountable

How does your organization line up with those attributes? To learn how one company evolved into a growth-minded culture, read this article.

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