ClarityDNA is a requirement to achieve and surpass goals.

ClarityDNA simply means that everyone in the organization understands the direction of the organization and how they contribute to it. That sounds easy but in fact, few businesses have the kind of clarity needed. Strategic clarity is NOT a number, it is not a rally cry, it is not a departmental goal or a list of projects.

Strategic clarity requires an organization to define who they will be as a company in their future state in a three dimensional way AND most importantly, how they will get there. They must be specific about what segment of the market they will focus on and how they will win. Many, if not most, organizations are devoid of strategy. There is none. Sort of like the tale of the Emperor with No Clothes.

Don’t be that guy.  Click this link to find out how one executive developed a ten year strategy and achieved clarity which enabled him to implement it effectively year after year.

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