CEOzine interview with Fike CEO Brad Batz

This month, I interviewed Brad Batz, the new CEO of Fike Corporation for my CEOzine series.  Brad impresses me because his goal is to generate 4x growth for Fike, growth that isn’t about shareholder value but about stakeholder value.  What’s the difference?  Stakeholder value, according to Batz, is about growth for future investment but also growth for employees and customers.

Brad Batz understands the principles of GrowthDNA, and has taken steps to improve all four strands at Fike.  His strategy is based on the confidence that comes from understanding (first strand) the fire and explosion protection market as it is today, and not as it has been for the past 73 years.

He has formed a strategy with four key initiatives, laying out his vision and priorities in such a way that he has provided clarity to everyone, at all levels of the organization.  Because he has ensured that his team has a clear understanding of their roles in those four initiatives, he has the commitment he needs from his team to implement that strategy.

I am confident that he will be successful in shaping the culture of Fike as he implements his strategy, and look forward to watching it take shape.  Read the CEOzine article about Brad Batz and Fike.


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