CEO Kevin Brown

Omaha Steel Castings Company Challenging the status quo is never easy. First, you must realize that you need to. Then you need to figure out what you want to be different. And finally, you need to engage the organization in getting it done. To not only generate transformative results but sustain them over time requires …

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CEO David Brain

Founder of EPR Properties David Brain is a household name in Kansas City and well known to real estate investors around the world. He is the founder of EPR Properties, a REIT (real estate investment trust) specializing in underserved real estate segments which provide the potential for outsized returns. Founded in 1997, David remained at …

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CEO Interview – Simon Davis

AUSTRALIAN UNIFORM SERVICE If you are thinking about selling your business, learn from Simon JT Davis, Group General Manager and Partner of Australian Uniform Service. Mr. Davis, started his independent textile rental services company ten years ago. From the outset, he worked to build a profitable and sustainable business with a culture that would transcend individual leadership. …

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Ron Samuels

CEO Interview – Ron Samuels

AVENUE BANK Interview with Ron Samuels, Chairman and CEO of Avenue Bank Recently, I shared a survey with you that indicated that SME leaders had dramatically increased their optimism about the US economy post-election, from 38% to 68% in one quarter. That is the kind of jump rarely seen. Clients are reporting that within 30 days …

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CEO Interview – Curt and Mason Revelette

CURT REVELETTEMASON REVELETTEJonathan’s GrilleInterview with Mason and Curt Revelette, Co-Owners and Partners of Jonathan’s Grille What led you to the restaurant business?We are really in the real estate business. Our parents, a builder and a realtor, taught us that you operate businesses on top of the land. They also owned a small restaurant in Cool …

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CEO Interview – Tom Rogge

Cramer Products, Inc. Interview with Tom Rogge, CEO of Cramer Products, Inc. and Marshall Dahneke, CEO of Performance Health Tom, you are about to retire but have left quite a legacy—you have tripled profits and doubled sales. Tell us about Cramer’s growth under your reign.   Rogge: I started in 1991. Cramer had just signed an agreement with the “Greatest …

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CEO Interview – Chuck Koester

Plastic Enterprises Co. CEO Interview with Chuck Koester, retired President & CEO at Plastic Enterprises Company, Inc. How a Company Got Unstuck and Doubled Their Growth Let’s start with the end of the story. Briefly describe the result:In three years we went from flat sales and lots of margin pressure to a significant turnaround in revenue and profit. …

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CEO Interview – Jonathan Byrnes

Profit Isle Interview with Jonathan Byrnes, Senior Lecturer, MIT and Author of Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink Jonathan, you are the author of “Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red,” a book that can help companies build profit in a very short time; I’m a big fan. Could you please describe your …

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CEO Interview – Raul Regalado

Raul Regalado & Associates Interview with Raul Regalado, Principal Consultant, Raul Regalado & Associates Raul, why did you choose to get involved in the airport business?As a youngster I was always interested in airplanes and used to build airplane models. During Vietnam, I chose to enlist in Aviation Army flight school. I learned to fly helicopters and completed …

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CEO Interview – Randy MacLean

Randy MacLean WayPoint Analytics Interview with Randy MacLean, President and CEO of WayPoint Analytics, Inc CEO Randy MacLean, of Waypoint Analytics, Inc. shares how “big data” can lead to competitive advantage and big profits. 

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