Big Data Has Become Real-time Smart Data

Just a few years ago we were learning how to wrap our minds around an almost unlimited access to data. We were wondering what data to capture and how to apply it to decision-making. While there are many who are still figuring this out, technology hasn’t waited for us to catch up. It has moved on to tackling how we create systems that feed data into real-time decision making. A few examples:

  1. Autonomous cars that drive themselves.  How Self-Driving Cars Work.
  2. Sales people can design equipment and solutions in real time while meeting with prospective customers with automatic access to pricing, inventory availability and customer preferences factored in. This reduces sales lead times, order accuracy and customer satisfaction.
  3. Travel management companies can help business travelers manage their flights/lodging/transportation, while traveling, avoiding delays, switching airlines or even airports en route. Airlines are going to have to get with the program allowing more passenger fluidity (read: less change fees which will go the way of high fees on ATM’s and checking accounts, and shipping costs on mail order)

People expect to receive services and information wherever they are, whenever they want it, and big data makes it possible to give them what they want.  Do you know how this affects the future of your industry?  What are your customers, especially the younger ones, looking for from you?

It is important to remain aware of the shift in expectations, and to keep an eye on what is happening in service delivery.  Perhaps your organization can take advantage of these changes in your own operations.

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