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You may have heard (or not) that we have a membership program on our website for people who want to achieve their goals and raise the performance and leadership levels in their organization.

Our Breakthrough Master Community provides new ideas, tools and best practice techniques to innovative and committed leaders to help them improve results! It has been up and running for a few months now and we are looking for 10 leaders–10 of YOU–to who would like to test it out–for FREE!

The reason is we want to be sure it is as strong as we think it is in providing leaders valuable content that will help them build stronger teams, craft better long and short term plans, ask the right questions on current business performance, and achieve breakthroughs in their business!

In our membership program, you’ll hear expert advice from national thought leaders who charge a lot of money for consulting … and some who don’t offer consulting at any price. You will also have access to proven tools that have helped other companies achieve success in performance and leadership. For example, we offer a monthly webinar on topics of interest (this month is Moneyball for Business), share weekly coaching on how to execute, provide libraries of videos, webinars, articles on high demand topics and more.

So more about FREE! For the first ten people to email me at you will be given a one month FREE membership  in return for providing feedback to us at the end of the month about what was great and suggestions for improvement. We request that you log onto the site at least 4 times in the month (that is once a week for 5 minutes or all day) and check out what is available on the site. You will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the month. What better way to benefit your business as you move into high gear for 2012 and it is FREE!

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