Are You a Growth Master?

Lately I have been studying masters. We have all heard of the Masters Golf Tournament, and when you google the word masters, stories about Charles Schwartsel, the latest golfer to put on the green jacket, pop up. Or how about the masters of art or music, Beethoven or  Picasso?

Webster’s says a master is a noun and an adjective. A master is ” an artist, performer, or player of consummate skill” and “one that conquers or masters : victor, superior -in the new challenger the champion found his master.”

So what is a growth master? Given I work with companies that want to grow, growth masters are people and/or companies that master the art of growth. To be considered a master, one has to achieve beyond an expected level, historical averages and industry benchmarks. To achieve that kind of result often requires breakthroughs.

For the growth master, breakthroughs occur at three distinct levels:

  1. For many, the first breakthrough is in escaping the business gravity that holds us down. Limited time, the economy, and fear have often combined to keep us from claiming growth; we believe we can’t get out of the mess.  We have to become masters of our own choices and develop a believer mentality–you CAN make things happen! People invent and companies grow in down economies all the time. Search for the opportunities. Be a master of attitude!
  2. Breakthrough the business assumptions that are, in reality, limitations. Often these come in the form of how business has historically been done or industry practice. Just because something has always been done a certain way does not suggest it can’t be better. How could you solve a problem in a new, better way? Consider how Swiffer made it cleaner and easier to dust or mop. We can discard dirty rags, aerosol cans, and wet mops that grow mold! It reinvented the category. Be a master of innovation!
  3. Masters also breakthrough to a whole new level of growth and financial success. Many companies think ‘”operationally” which leads to growing “incrementally”. What can I improve next year? If you asked yourself what your company looked like at 10x vs. 10% better would you be working on different things? More important things? Be a  growth master!

Believe! Innovate! Grow! Become a Growth Master.

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