Announcing new book release from Margaret Reynolds this fall

Announcing new book release from Margaret Reynolds this fall

Boost Your GrowthDNA: How Strategic Leaders Use Growth Genetics to Drive Sustainable Business Performance

What are people saying:

From Marshall Goldsmith, top business coach and author of 35 bestsellers including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and other strategic leadership books. “Margaret Reynolds is a true expert with a fresh and powerfully effective results-oriented business growth philosophy. If you are a growth-minded business leader, this is a must-read book.”

From Joe Scarlett, Retired Chairman of Tractor Supply Company and Founder of Scarlett Leadership Institute in Nashville: “GrowthDNA will help you rethink your approach to strategic growth and give you the framework to help achieve success. From scorecards to techniques, you will be armed with the essentials of effective business performance. This book is short, easy to read and right to the point. And no one understands business growth better than Margaret Reynolds”.

Click here for an excerpt from Chapter Three of Boost Your GrowthDNA

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