An “Ah-ha” moment in Strategic Leadership

We know we shouldn’t take anything for granted, but we do. We like to be able to count on today unfolding the way we planned; that our experiences will be as helpful tomorrow as they were yesterday in navigating life; that we will have the support of loved ones. Yet the world changes around us everyday–some of it doesn’t impact us, and some of it does. Benjamin Franklin said centuries ago that you can only count on two things–death and taxes.

In my work, I see too many companies running their businesses as they always have, even though the world has changed around them and that model is no longer relevant. There are whole industries that are threatened by new technology, transparency, value systems and innovation. For example, any industry that serves as a “middle-man” between two parties is challenged to survive long term without adding more value.

So here is the secret weapon every leader has to fight off becoming irrelevant and to increase long-term sustainability. DON’T focus on what you do; focus on why you do it.

  • Not a realtor but improve ROI on real estate investments
  • Not a printer but an information source on how to improve effective communication
  • Not an insurance broker but an advocate for wellness and reducing costs
  • Not an online shoe website but a customer service expert
  • Not a maker of greeting cards but an expert in relationship enhancement
  • Not a CPA but an expert in comparative expense analysis

Do you know the why of what you do? Does it drive your decisions?




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