16 Simple Truths Learned in Business

As a Vistage speaker I come across some very interesting businesses and leaders. Recently, I met with a group in Dallas and was introduced to Ed Portier, President of W B Kibler Construction, a privately held construction company that builds churches, schools and shopping centers. As a senior leader, Ed has been around the block a few times and come up with some unique expressions that capture lessons learned.

I thought you would enjoy these “truths” as much as I did!

  1. Hire a mindset, not a skill set
  2. Delay is decay
  3. More contractors die of gluttony than of starvation
  4. A rumor can cross the finish line before the truth can get it’s shoes on.
  5. Tell the truth ………………………………Then RUN!
  7. Everything changes except the truth.
  8. Your reputation not only precedes you, it exceeds you.
  9. If it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.
  10. The solution MUST fit the problem. You can shoot a horse with a broken leg, but that doesn’t fix the leg.
  11. There are people who do things, and people that take the credit. The trick is to be in the first group. There’s a lot less competition.
  12. A lot can be accomplished if you don’t waste time worrying about who’s going to get the credit.
  13. Doubt is the beginning of Wisdom
  14. A window of opportunity will not open itself.
  15. There is no such word as “OVERDOCUMENTING”. You cannot over document or over communicate.
  16. Education is what you get from reading the fine PRINT. EXPERIENCE IS WHAT YOU GET FROM NOT READING IT

What are some of your favorite expressions from your own experiences?

Photo by: Angela Sevin

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